4 Tips for Creating Large Graphic Designs

If you’re creating graphics for billboards or tradeshows, you need to know these tips.
When possible try to concept your design at half resolution or lower. If using Photoshop use smart objects and vector shapes as much as possible so when you rebuild the larger version you can easily move layers and scale them up. When designing keep in mind that this is going to be blown up so even minor imperfections will show.


2. Periodically zoom in to 200% magnification and do a once over of each area in your viewport. Look carefully for any imperfections, harsh color variations or fragments left over from cut out images. Sometimes wherever you print it will bring these issues to your attention, but not always.


3. Make sure your printer sends you a large enough proof so you can see details. It would be impossible for them to send you a correct scale proof but you need to be able to see detail and a low res proof will not suffice.


4. Check and double check your work. There is no worse feeling than having your client spend thousands of dollars on a huge booth with an imperfection blown up to 300% magnification for all to see.


If you’ve worked on any large banners, billboard designs, tradeshow booths or any other type of large graphic designer and have a tip, leave it in the comments.


If want someone to do all the hard work for you contact a pro, ha!

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