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This is the Most Viewed Image on the Planet

This seems like a pretty shocking headline, but when you check out the actual image you’ll have a little “aha” moment. Well here it is, the most viewed image on the planet:

You probably know where you’ve seen it from: Windows XP, one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. This was the default background wallpaper after you installed or started the OS. You could of course change it, but few people did especially businesses. For graphic designers and anyone who uses the Adobe Suite on a regular basis you’ve probably seen this a lot if you’re on a PC.

The man who actually took the picture was Charles O’Rear, an American Photographer. When Microsoft purchased the picture it was  “reportedly the second most expensive photo license ever”.

Many people (including myself) thought the image was computer generated, but Charles took the picture driving through Napa County in California on highway 12/121. After he took it, he submitted the picture to Corbis which is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft only slightly edited it.

You can read more about Charles O’Rear here. I wonder what the first most expensive image license is?